Signs You Have Frozen Pipes

During the winter months in Fort Worth Texas there are a few things you may have to concern yourself with more when it comes to home maintenance.  Making sure that your home has plumbing that will get it through the winter is the top priority.  It is also easier to forget that pipes freeze when it is unusually cold in Texas.

  • If your water isn’t coming out of your pipes at all then this is the most straightforward sign that they are probably frozen. If you have no running water at all in your home, it may be something wrong with the main water line. Calling a plumber is necessary when you have no water at all.
  • If you have a pipe burst, then that is usually sign of a frozen pipe that was neglected. Pipes can burst when water in a pipe freezes, and there is pressure between a clog and the faucet.  Pipes bursting is dangerous which is why during the winter months you should have your pipes cleaned and make sure that they are in good condition just in case there is freezing weather during the winter months.
  • If you noticed strange smells coming from the faucet or drain in your house then you could have a frozen.  These smells are an indicator of a blocked pipe and no way for the odor to get out except for back up through the drain or faucet.
  • You may notice that there is Frost on the pipes in your home this is a good indicator that your pipes are partially frozen or are going to become wholly frozen very soon.
  • If a major cold front comes through and your pipes are not insulated or protected from the weather, then you could have frozen pipes in the morning.
  • If you have water coming out of your pipes, but you have low water pressure then you could have partially frozen pipes.

If you think that you may have frozen pipes in your Fort Worth Texas home contact hawk Plumbing right away so that the potential damage to your home is minimal.

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