Is Your Furnace Ready for Fall

The fall months in Fort Worth are an excellent time to get your furnace prepared for colder weather.  If you think you may need repairs or want an inspection to make sure your furnace is ready for a Texas winter, then call Hawk Plumbing to get it serviced!


  1. Get the furnace in your home cleaned to make sure that it is ready for regular use.  A professional inspection and cleaning can give you the peace of mind you need to ensure that your heating system is prepared to battle the cold.
  2. Have a professional check the filter for your furnace.  You can also inspect it and change it yourself.  Having your filter replaced will allow your furnace to perform better and be more efficient in the colder months.
  3. Change your thermostat to heating and make sure that it is working well with your furnace.
  4. Have the chimney to your furnace inspected for debris.  You may also need to have soot cleaned out of your chimney if there is buildup. 
  5. Get the burners of your furnace checked to make sure there isn’t any dust or debris around them.  When your furnace is off for an extended period, things can accumulate around the burners that need cleaning.  If you notice that there is rust, let a professional inspect it.
  6. Uncover and clean your heating vents.  It is essential to move furniture and other items away from your vents before you turn on your furnace.  You should also clean out your vents to make sure heat circulates well, and dust or debris isn’t blowing into your home.
  7. Once you turn your furnace on, check each room to make sure that heat flows into it properly, and they are all the same temperature.  If you notice that some places are hotter than others, have a professional check your ventilation system and your furnace.

If you check your furnace and notice that something isn’t usual or think it may need repairs, we can help you get it working before the coldest months are here!

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