Five Thanksgiving Foods to Refrain From Throwing Down Your Garbage Disposal

For many homeowners in Fort Worth, Texas, Thanksgiving entails enjoying a traditional spread of delicious dishes in the company of friends and family. But when it’s finally time to clear away the dishes after the meal is over, it’s vital for homeowners to understand that you can’t safely put all leftovers down the garbage disposal. Be sure to keep the following Thanksgiving staples far away from your garbage disposal this year to ensure your holiday gathering isn’t disrupted by the emergence of a serious plumbing mishap:

Potato Skins

Even though starchy potato skins can get through a garbage disposal successfully, they will become slime as they descend down the drain and can result in inconvenient blockages within your pipes.

Turkey Bones

Garbage disposals are strong enough to endure a host of different food items, but throwing bones of any kind down the disposal can result in a variety of issues with the disposal’s blades. Even if they make it through the disposal and down the drain, turkey bones can reduce the sharpness of a disposal’s blades and decrease the functional lifespan of your appliance.

Egg Shells

Some people falsely believe egg shells actually assist in strengthening the blades of a garbage disposal. The membrane inside the shell can easily get loose and attach itself to the blades, which often results in the appliance becoming jammed.

Fats, Oils, and Grease

Common substances used in cooking such as oil, fat, or grease may seem fine to put down your drain at first glance, but they are prone to solidifying when they get into the pipes. This can result in extensive blockages that will require the assistance of a professional plumber to eradicate.

Corn Husks, Celery and Asparagus

Some of the most prevalent Thanksgiving vegetables used in stuffing or prepared as a side dish, including celery, corn-on-the-cob, and asparagus, have the ability to wreak havoc on a garbage disposal. These types of stringy vegetables often get caught around the moving blades of the appliance, which tends to cause serious jams and can even dull the disposal’s blades.

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