How to Flush Your Toilet With No Power

One of the most annoying parts of a power outage is not being able to flush the toilet. It can cause messy and smelly situations that lead to embarrassment. Fortunately, there is a trick to get to this problem. If you know it, you’ll never be without flushing power again.

Have Backup Water

The first step is to find a backup source of water. It can be a stream, water bottles, water from a rain barrel outside, or pretty much anything else. You will need enough of it to fill the toilet tank. A good suggestion is keeping a supply of water jugs tucked away in a safe spot in case of emergency. Drinking water sometimes expires in sealed containers, but any water will work to flush the toilet. If you know a storm is coming, you can also fill the bathtub in your home with extra water for just this purpose.

Understand How Your Toilet Works

If you’ve never taken the time to look inside your toilet tank, today is the day. Take the lid off the top of your toilet and take a peek. There is a chain attached to the flushing lever that lifts the stopper flap on the bottom of the tank when the user pushes the handle. This causes the water to flow from the tank down into the bowl, flushing the toilet. To make this process start, there needs to be water in the tank.

Fill The Tank

You get one free flush after the power goes out with the tank that is already full of water. After that flush, the tank will not refill because there is no water flowing. Once you have flushed, pour the extra water supply into the toilet tank almost up to the overflow tube. Once the tank is full, you are ready to flush again.

Make a list of places you can go to get water when the power is out. Do you have a swimming pool in the backyard or a stream? The key is to keep a supply of water handy, and you’ll be ready for anything.  

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