Maintain Your Garbage Disposal This Summer With These Two Tips

Your garbage disposal is a key appliance in your Fort Worth, Texas, home. However, much like all other devices in a home, garbage disposals must be taken care of in order to function properly. Check out the advice listed below to help you keep your disposable working as it should for years to come.

Avoid Overloading Your Disposal

Depositing too much waste or food particles in your disposal can cause it to become overloaded, which can result in serious blockage inside your drains and pipes. When you need to get rid of a big portion of waste or garbage, use one of the following methods to protect your garbage disposal from damage and your pipes from developing large clogs. 

Never throw large particles of food in your disposal. Instead, cut up the food into small segments so it will be easier for the disposal to manage. Make sure you deposit the small portions of food in your disposal at a slow rate to ensure you do not exceed its functional capacity and cause a blockage.

If you are in a hurry, refrain from attempting to shove everything down the disposal. Opt instead to get a large garbage bag and deposit the food and waste manually. This will allow you to get the waste out of your home quickly without damaging your disposal in the process. 

Flush the Disposal System 

Taking time to flush your garbage disposal routinely is a good way to clear the system of clog-promoting debris that has built up in it over time. This not only helps prevent extensive clogs, it enables your disposal to operate more efficiently as well. Prior to flushing the disposal, make sure to eliminate any big items from the sinks drain. Always double check to ensure the machine will not start running while you retract large items. Additionally, use tongs or pliers rather than putting your hands inside the disposal. You can proceed to flush the system with three to four inches of hot water and dish soap to remove any accumulated dirt, debris, or grime. Simply fill your sink with water and soap, take out the plug, and activate the garbage disposal.

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