Everything You Need to Know About Camera Inspection for Plumbing Systems

Even in the most organized and maintained houses, common plumbing issues like clogs and leaks can cause serious issues. Though many problems can be resolved with a drain cleaning or the use of a plunger, other covert issues can easily go unnoticed until they become severe emergencies. Thankfully, having your pipes examined with a camera inspection can help a plumber get an extensive look inside your system and repair any unseen issues before they become major hazards.

A camera examination begins as a plumber binds a waterproof camera to a sewer cable, so he or she can look inside your piping and check thoroughly for problems. Because your plumbing system is complex, determining issues before they become serious is instrumental in detecting emergencies. No homeowner enjoys handling the effects of a leak or build up debris, so take a look at the following ways a camera examination can be a preventative measure and ensure the effectiveness of your system.


Because a plumber can detect precisely what is wrong with your system and exactly where it stems from, a major benefit of camera examinations is how accurate it is. With a camera examination, you no longer have to waste time and money on trial and error procedures just to determine the exact cause of your plumbing issue.


A comprehensive camera expectation can detect more than a clog in your pipes. In fact, plumbers are able to catch countless other problems like pests, fissures, and other issues with the help of camera inspections.

Reduced Labor

Before the method of camera examinations, plumbers had to dig or tear down walls in order to look at the plumbing system in a home. Camera examinations can easily move throughout various drains regardless of size, making it a far less invasive method of having your pipes checked out.

While some issues can be seen on the surface of your plumbing, many interior issues cannot be detected so easily. Keep the following two common hidden problems in mind to know when your plumbing needs to be checked out immediately.

Slow Drains

If your sink is experiencing problems, this might be harming your entire home’s plumbing system. If many water fixtures cannot drain correctly, you probably have a clog in your line. Though comprehensive drain cleaning with hot water and moderate detergent can help, if the problem persists, a camera inspection can help a plumber find the source of your clog quickly and efficiently.


Insects and rodents are not creatures you want inside your home. Unfortunately, these critters can get through even the tiniest holes, and have the potential to enter through a crack in your pipes. If you notice a crack, attempt to find its source and seal it quickly. Consider having a camera inspection to help locate small cracks before pests find their way through them.

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