Five Things to Check In Your Plumbing Before Summer Arrives

A hotter climate means homeowners in the Fort Worth, Texas region should strive to assure their home’s plumbing systems are in optimal shape before the hottest months of the year arrive. Luckily, there are significant steps homeowners can follow to make sure their plumbing system is working effectively. Use the following easy steps this spring to get your home ready for summer.

Look at Your Hoses

There are numerous issues that can cause your hose to leak, so it is important to check them thoroughly to determine if they are beginning to appear worn out or sustained unnoticed damage. Look at both your valves and hoses for indications of leaks and cracks and be sure to get any repairs and replacements done before you need to use the hose for landscaping or lawn maintenance work.

Examine Your Hot Water Heater

During the winter months, many families use their hot water heaters more than they do in the summer. When the weather is moderate or warmer, your hot water heater is under less stress, so it is a great time to schedule an inspection to make sure your unit is working properly. If there are any issues found, you might want to consider getting your hot water heater fixed during the warmer months, so it is prepared for use again when the colder weather arrives.

Plan for Vacation

If you are preparing to take a vacation at any point soon, you may want to think about turning off your home’s water completely in hopes of making sure no leaks cause water damage during your absence and that your water pressure does not build up while you are unable to monitor it.

Look at Water Pressure

Since high water pressure can cripple your plumbing system and can even cause a pipe to burst, it is crucial to monitor it throughout the spring and summer. You may want to invest in a pressure monitor for your hot water heater, which can help you keep tabs on and maintain your pressure levels.

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