Four Prevalent Spring and Summer Plumbing Problems and How Homeowners Can Prevent Them

There are several plumbing issues prone to occur during the spring and summer months of the year in Fort Worth, Texas. In order to be prepared for the common problems during this time, homeowners should review the flowing five most common summer and springtime plumbing problems and consider how they can prevent them before the temperatures begin to rise.

Clogged Toilets

Even though toilets can get clogged at any point, they generally become clogged at a higher rate during the spring and summer when kids are off school and at home for breaks. Make sure everyone in your household know how much toilet paper to use in order to prevent clogs due to a surplus of paper material. If you have to plunge your toilet, use a flange plunger instead of a cup plunger because they are better at establishing the suction required to clear a clog.

Damaged Garbage Disposals

People tend to use garbage disposals a lot during the spring and summer at BBQs and pool parties. Decrease the chances that you will need to have your disposal fixed by not letting it fill up before turning it on and keeping food materials that can cause damage such as watermelon, corn cobs, bones, grease, celery, oils, potatoes, pasta, and mango cores out of the disposer.

Sprinkler Head Issues

Sprinkler heads for automated sprinkler systems are likely to experience wear and tear over time, causing them to break. Broken sprinkler heads can result in wasted water and can even cause your grass to die. This spring, check your sprinkler heads to ensure they are not damaged. If you need to repair one, remove the old head and take them to your local hardware store to locate an identical replacement head.

Washing Machine Hose Leakage

Because warmer weather usually causes more perspiration, you might find yourself using the machine during the spring and summer much more than usual. In order to deter the chance of a flood coming from a leak in your machine’s hose, be sure to examine the hoses found at the back of the machine for any signs of leaks. If you have to replace your machine’s hose, consider investing in a stainless-steel house, which generally lasts longer and is more durable than rubber hoses.

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