Can Smart Technology Help Save On Your Water Bills?

The digital age has given rise to some amazing inventions, from the digital assistant to smart appliances. But just how much of these are convenient versus useful for our homes? As it turns out, smart technology can save you significant money on your utility bills, and that includes your plumbing. Here are a few ways you can utilize smart technology to save big.


High-efficiency washers are becoming the gold standard for homes. Energy Star washing machines use 25% less energy that their less-efficient counterparts and about half as much water. Smart models only fill to your clothing line and automatically adjust cycles to achieve the most effective clean for the least cost. Expect to save at least $100 a year – more if you’re committed to washing your clothing in cold water.


Have you heard of a smart toilet? They can be great investments because they help you save water and reduce toilet paper waste. Purchase a toilet with a WaterSense label, and the EPA says you can reduce your water use between 20% and 60%. That saves around 13,000 gallons of water each year – and a lot of cash on your water bills.


Even your kitchen and bathroom faucets can be smart. A high-efficiency water aerator, for example, can reduce your water consumption by 50%, because it adds air to your water without any loss in pressure. Additionally, a smart water meter lets you see just how much water you’re using around your home, so you know where to make changes and save additional cash.

Smart technology has the capacity to revolutionize the way we live and expend energy. It not only makes life more convenient, it also saves us money overall and makes us more conscious about our water use. Adding smart technology like this is an investment, but it will pay for itself sooner than you think. Choose from this list of plumbing smart technology to reduce your energy footprint, save money, and own one of the most tech-savvy homes in your neighborhood.

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