What Does That Mean? A Guide to Summer Plumbing Sounds

Summer is officially here, which means you might have kids home making messes and playing outside in the sun. There are also family trips, outings to the lake, and other dirt- and grime-producing activities. This makes for a lot of fun family memories – but also more stress on your plumbing system. We’ve outlined the most common plumbing sounds you might hear this summer and what they mean.

  1. Banging

You get back from vacation and turn your water back on, only to hear a loud banging! This is a water hammer. This phenomenon occurs when a closed valve stops rushing water from traveling through a pipe. Left untreated, this can damage your pipes and lead to leaks. A plumber can clear your pipes and replace any worn pieces.

  1. Gurgling 

You turn off your bathroom sink after brushing your teeth and hear a glug, glug sound. This gurgling occurs as water makes its way around a clog. If it’s happening in your pipes, it may be time to schedule a snake. If it happens on any drain, you could be looking at an issue with your air vents. Drains must have proper venting to prevent air bubbles, which leads to that gurgling sound. It’s time to call a plumber and have them inspect the problem.

  1. Screeching Faucets 

If you’re greeted by an unpleasant screeching sound when you turn on a kitchen or bathroom faucet, you probably have an issue with the faucet itself or valve within. This calls for a replacement – the problem will only become worse over time.

  1. Shaking

Your pipes always shake a little as water passes through. It shouldn’t be enough for you to notice, however. If your home has visibly shaking pipes, they’re likely not as secure enough – namely, the mounting straps are loose. You can tighten the straps or replace them completely if they’re worn. A professional can help you if you’re not comfortable going into the walls yourself.

Many of these plumbing sounds require repairs or replacement of parts. We can help! Contact us to schedule your service.

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