Last Minute Hvac Unit Freeze Prevention Tips

Did you know that freezing temperatures can cause significant damage to your Fort Worth HVAC system if it accidentally gets turned on during cold weather? To eliminate the chance of causing a very costly unit repair simply shut off the exterior power to the unit whenever there is any chance for a hard freeze.

Make sure the unit is clean by removing any leaves and debris and make sure to cover the unit during cold weather months. Covers that are breathable, waterproof, and fit snugly and properly work best to prolong the life of the unit.

Portable units should be covered to prevent cold air from passing through the vents into the home.

Test your furnace by raising the temperature on the thermostat; it should respond quickly. If it does not the unit may need serviced by a trustworthy Fort Worth plumbing and heating specialist. Replace dirty filters and remember to have the fuel tank filled before cold weather.

Remember that plumbing travels through crawl spaces, garages, and along exterior walls and even though indoors, those areas are significantly colder than where existing registers and vents are located. Leave cabinet doors open to where pipes may be located to allow warm air to penetrate the plumbing.

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