Why You Need a Maintenance Agreement

Homeowners have a never-ending checklist of tasks to complete. Most people don’t have time to get to even half of the home maintenance tasks they need to accomplish. The consequences of neglecting maintenance can be serious. If you don’t clean out your gutters every fall, it could damage your roof. If you forget to protect your pipes from freezing, they could require expensive repairs. HVAC and plumbing maintenance doesn’t have to be a headache. Here are a few of the reasons a maintenance agreement can make your life easier.


Homeowners avoid signing up for regular maintenance because they don’t want to pay a yearly fee. Most heating and cooling systems last up to fifteen years. Without regular cleaning, lubricating and monitoring it might last only half as long. Replacing just one unit is much more expensive than the low cost of regular maintenance.


Homeowners pay monthly expenses directly related to their heating, cooling and plumbing. An undetected water leak can cause spikes in your water bill. A furnace or air conditioner might heat your home unevenly, causing discomfort and taking a sizeable chunk out of your budget.


When a professional checks your connections, condenser coils, belts, burners and more, they know when moving or electrical parts need to be replaced. Technicians can advise you on small repairs that prevent breakdowns and further damage to your system.

All units eventually have to be replaced. Wouldn’t it be nice to be warned several months ahead of your water heater or furnace needing to be replaced, so you could begin to budget for the expense? Our technicians monitor the age and condition of each unit. We’ll never try to sell you equipment or services you don’t need, but we will keep you up-to-date on the performance of your systems.

Hawk Plumbing performs an extensive range of services for our maintenance plans. Contact us today to find out more.

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