Spring Cleaning to Protect Your Plumbing

Spring cleaning isn’t just about clearing clutter and getting rid of dust bunnies in your home – it’s about top-to-bottom home maintenance and upkeep. Leaving your plumbing system off your list is a mistake that could lead to serious issues down the road. This spring, take a few easy steps to prepare your pipes for the summer ahead. Paying attention to your plumbing can give you and your family peace of mind all year long.

Clean Your Drains

Dirty, grimy, and clogged drains can make your home uncomfortable and even unsanitary. This spring, invest in thorough drain cleaning by the professionals. Proper drain cleaning can clear away stubborn clogs and buildups of soap residue and grease that have accumulated in your pipes. It can eliminate smelly garbage disposals and keep your home in working order all summer long.

Check for Hidden Leaks

If you’ve noticed your water bills going up, water damage in or near your home, or strange sounds coming from your pipes, you may have a hidden leak. Even a dripping faucet can waste gallons of water each day. Hire a plumber to inspect your system for hidden leaks in your walls or under your concrete slabs. Catching a leak early can save you money on wasted water, property damage, and larger repairs or replacements. Start summer off right with zero wasted water.

Sign Up for Routine Maintenance Services

Even if you’re more of a DIY person, it’s always best to hire a professional to inspect your system at least once per year. The team at Hawk Plumbing and Heating will come to your Fort Worth location and conduct a complete inspection of your plumbing and sewer system. We’ll perform routine maintenance such as drain cleaning, and recommend any repairs we believe are necessary to protect your system. Paying for minor repairs now can save you big money on major problems in the future.

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