Garbage Disposal Common Mistakes

Despite the name, not all garbage belongs in the disposals. Most garbage doesn’t, yet some homeowners want to cram their waste down there until the blades stop turning. Watermelon rinds, potato peels, and pumpkin carvings are common items that our plumbers have had to remove to free the blades.

Homeowners aren’t always the problem: If you’re having a house party, make sure your guests don’t dump everything down there.

Hawk PLumbing Tips to Share

Tip #1 Another common mistake with garbage disposals happens with the installation.

Tip #2 The install is straightforward and doesn’t require advanced plumbing skills, but if the unit is to be connected to a dishwasher, a knockout plug in the disposal must be removed first.

Tip #3 If there’s no dishwasher, there’s no issue—the plug creates a seal. But if there is a dishwasher and the plug isn’t removed, then it’ll block the hole where the dishwasher hose connects, causing water to leak everywhere.

PLUMBING TRADE SECRETS: We get calls from people saying they just installed the disposal and water is leaking all over the place. You have to remove the plug in there.

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