Summer Is in Full Swing, Is Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Kids are out of school, family vacations have been taken but the Texas Summer is just getting into theĀ full swing of things, that means high temperatures & humidity! If you’re not confident in your air conditioning unit’s ability to handle the heat efficiently and keep your home comfortable, take steps to maintain, repair, or replace your unit now, before the weather heats up any further.

Clean and Maintain Your Unit

After sitting idle all winter and possible spring, your AC unit may have collected dirt, leaves, and debris. It may take a bit of maintenance to get your unit working properly again. Considering performing this maintenance now to avoid discovering a breakdown on one of those sweltering days of summer. You can clean the unit yourself by turning off the power, cleaning the AC filters, and clearing the debris. But please keep in mind that cleaning your AC unit can be dangerous and difficult. It’s often best to trust these services to the professionals at Hawk PHAC of Fort Worth.

Repair Minor Issues

If you notice your air conditioner isn’t working quite as well as you remember, there may be a minor issue that needs repairing. Your foam insulation may have damage, air filters may need replacing, or components may need repair. Call us to inspect your unit and make repairs before minor problems become major ones.

Sign Up for Routine System Maintenance

Your air conditioner works hard every summer to keep your home cool and energy efficient. Signing up for routine maintenance can elongate the lifespan of your unit and keep it in proper working condition all summer long. Regular maintenance typically includes thorough unit cleanings, air filter cleaning or replacement, and oiling components so they run smoothly.

Know When to Replace Your Unit

Every air conditioner has a life expectancy. If you’ve noticed your energy bills increasing, your home is uncomfortably hot with the AC on, or if your system has stopped working altogether, it may be time for a replacement air conditioner. If this is the case call the local, licensed and trusted team at Hawk PHAC of Fort Worth for reliable advice on when to install a new unit.

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