Avoid Winter Leaks With These 5 Tips

There are many exciting things to look forward to as winter arrives. There are plenty of beautiful natural parks and caves to hike around and explore. However, there are negative aspects of the season as well, such as the increased risk of winter leaks. When the temperatures drop below 32º F, the water running through your pipes can freeze, causing the pipes themselves to burst. Because the water is frozen, the only immediate impact might be an unexpected lack of water pressure when you try to turn on the sink or take a shower. Unfortunately, once the ambient temperature climbs high enough for the ice to melt, you’ll be left to deal with a massive leak, able to cause substantial amounts of water damage to your home. That’s why our team at Hawk Plumbing has come up with 5 simple tips Colorado Springs homeowners can apply to prevent winter leaks.

  1. Have a Plumber Assess Your Pipes

If you haven’t had your pipes looked at in a while, it may be a good time for an evaluation to ensure they haven’t exceeded their life span. Pipes subject to significant wear and tear and more susceptible to bursting in the winter.

  1. Invest in Pipe Insulation

Pipe insulation is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the costly repairs necessary in the aftermath of a major leak.

  1. Drain Any Outdoors Pipes

If you have any plumbing that leads outdoors, check to see if you can shut off the water access using valves. Then drain away any water remaining in the pipes. Outdoor pipe systems are more exposed to the cold, and as such more likely to freeze. Refrain from using them if possible.

  1. Keep the Heat Running

You might be tempted to shut off the heat if you’re going to be away from the house for a prolonged amount of time, but that could very easily result in frozen pipes. Keep the heat set at 55º F minimum at all times.

  1. Run Your Water at a Drip

This should only be done in emergency situations. If you know the temperature is about to drop sharply and are concerned about the condition of your pipes, then locate the faucet furthest away from the water meter and turn it on just enough to drip steadily. This allows water to continue moving through your pipes, preventing it from freezing.

For more assistance in maintaining your pipes over the winter, contact Hawk Plumbing at (817) 242-6894.

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