Your Hvac Needs Inspection in Spring

Every spring many people just turn on their air conditioning, without even thinking about getting the unit serviced. This increases the risk of damage and reduces the unit’s efficiency. Hawk Plumbing of Fort Worth, TX recommends spring inspections for all HVAC units and offers you these three reasons why you should never just turn the unit on in the spring without servicing it.


As HVAC units run, they begin to collect debris throughout the system. Dirty systems run less efficiently, meaning your machine has to work harder to cool the air than it did the year before. Failing to keep your unit clean could reduce its efficiency by as much as 5% every year. Most families spend as much as 50% of their annual utility costs just on heating and cooling a home. Energy Star recommends annual inspections and servicing to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


A unit’s lifespan depends on two things: how well it was installed and how well it is maintained. The Department of Energy reports well-maintained units should last from 15 to 20 years. Taking the time to have a professional inspect and service your unit means you will spend less on repairs and replacement parts in the long run. Some things you can do yourself, like changing the air filter in your home every three months.


HVAC systems have a lot of parts that need to be maintained. In an inspection, everything is examined, including coils, the compressor, refrigerant, motors, electrical connections, and more. Most problems found can be fixed immediately and prevent a larger problem from happening later. reported homeowners spent between $165 to $500 repairing HVAC units; compare that to a service fee, and you understand why we recommend a professional inspection.

At Hawk Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, we understand your life is busy and you have a lot of financial obligations. That’s why we offer free consultations, up front pricing, and quick turn-around on all our work. In emergencies, you can always call us to come repair your units. Get ahead of the game this year and get a spring HVAC inspection on your calendar now.

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