Shower Products That Can Cause Clogs


We rely on our plumbing system daily to provide water for bathing, cooking, cleaning, and waste removal. Homeowners are often aware of the major issues that can damage their plumbing system. Homeowners understand that food waste, grease, hair, and harmful chemicals can affect the efficiency of a plumbing system. These items can also cause damage over time. While these are well-known clog-causing issues, several other common products can affect the health of your drains. Understanding these lesser-known items can help you better care for your plumbing system.

Bath Bombs 

Bath bombs continue to grow in popularity due to their variety of scents, colors, and even hidden surprises inside. Bath bombs are meant to enhance your bath experience, aiding in overall relaxation and providing beneficial oils for the skin. Bath bombs can be composed of additives, such as essential oils, cocoa butter, flower particles, cornstarch, and glitter. These additives can leave a residue that collects throughout your drain system. This residue can collect hair and other debris, leading to serious clogs. It is best to choose bath products that are made from dissolvable ingredients.


You may want to rethink brushing your teeth in the shower. Toothpaste can harden within your drain, leading to serious clogs. The same can be said for your bathroom sink, but this drainage point is often flushed more regularly, causing a lesser likelihood of developing clogs caused by toothpaste. If you do start to notice your bathroom sink backing up, or draining slowly, an easy solution can be carefully pouring boiling water down the drain. This can soften toothpaste residue and wash it away.

Small Items 

To protect your bathroom drains, you’ll want to keep an eye out for keeping small items too close to the edge of your sink. These small items could include razor blades, bobby pins, hair clips, makeup, and jewelry. One incorrect bump can send these small items down your drain. These items can affect the flow of water and can add to clog buildup.

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