Keep Your Drains From Clogging This Fall

The months of fall in Fort Worth, TX, could mean more plumbing issues in your home!  As plants become dormant during the later fall months, the root systems are still seeking nourishment.  Roots in your plumbing system may multiply and take over your sewer line.  You may also notice that there are more leaks and dripping faucets as the months get cold and everything in your home adjusts to the changes in humidity and air quality. 


  • Consider having your sewer line checked to make sure you don’t have tree roots or other obstructions in the sewer line.  Sewer-cleaning bills from backups are not something anyone wants to handle.  If you know that your sewer line is in undamaged shape, this shouldn’t happen.  If your home still has clay or cast-iron pipes, then a sewer inspection regularly is essential.
  • A lint catcher on the hose that leads out of your washing machine will help collect lint and keep it from entering your pipes. 
  • If you use oil or grease when you cook, then capture it in a jar or can.  Washing grease down the drain will allow it to congeal in your pipes.  Other items will gather in the fat that sticks to the sides of your pipes and creating a clog.
  • If you use grout,  cement, or paint for your fall home maintenance, washing it down the sink is a bad idea.  All these things, along with sand, can clog your drains quickly.
  • Hair is a big problem in the bathroom sink and shower drains.  A screen strainer or stopper with a screen can help keep the hair out of your pipes. 
  • Flushing your drains can keep them cleaner.  Fill your sinks and bathtub up with hot water and then let the plug out, so the weight of the water pushes buildup and small clogs through the drain.
  • Only put toilet paper and waste down your toilets.  You can even leave a reminder for guests and visitors to remember not to flush other things down the toilet.
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